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If I have to summarise my own experience during the 12 days spent in India, I still think that the best slogan remains the one "Incredible India".

It took us around 12 months to duly prepare our Indian tour - in all details according to our budget, wishes and preferences: almost one month of preparation for each day spent in your wonderful country. I did it with pleasure and enthusiasm because your responsiveness pushed me to do so.

And the long preparation has only been the preamble of a fantastic experience of life for me and my other two fellows. Accommodations, transportation, food & beverages, sightseeing, all has been properly planned and followed up. Great organisational skills so that sometime we had the impression that under the mask of Sandeep there was a..... German tour operator...;-) No, getting back to serious I am just roundly happy about the way the trip has been organised, followed up and concluded. Always along the journey we felt literally "looked after" and in good hands.

India is a marvellous and enchanting country that deserves a certain preparation for tourists coming from the rich West in order to fully live and feel the spirit of India: and you have been part of this magic process. It goes without saying that next time I will come to India - maybe this time with my kids who knows ? - I will do it for sure through your company and with pleasure I will start again the lovely and passionate preparation, which is in a certain way like pre-tasting the pleasure that will be given by the journey.

But promise me that you will be delivering the same quality driven service..;-) Now you created high expectations in terms of quality of deliverables and now need to cope with it...it's your karma....

Luca Bruni


About the rest of the itinerary , we do not have any remarks, all the participants were very satisfied how everything was arranged en how you handled things ! Guides were OK, drivers OK, train and flight tickets OK. From my side , once again thank you very much for this !!!

Kris Wijnants
Brussels Belgium


Great to know you are well and the soup wasn't a boring taste to you. our vacation has come to an end, we will fly back tomorrow around midnight. I will send you photos when I get back. We all also treasure the sweet memories we have with you!! You are the best tour director I/we ever had!! With great knowledge and stories to share, our trip was well planned and organized!! Truly appreciate your warm hospitality and we all enjoy our pilgrimage so much, and you made it possible for all of us to enjoy!! Amituofo, and we all miss you!

Meggie (Tour leader of Buddhist Pilgrimage Group to India & Nepal)


Here are a few words from us to tell about our trip to India:
"Incredible India really deserves its name. Total change of environment in this beautiful and colourful country. The kindness of the people, the spicy food, the smells in the streets and the wonderful landscapes driven through have made this trip unforgettable. The organisation was perfect as regards accommodation, the trip design (city visits and free time to get acquainted with the local culture, rhythm of the trip...) and the guides chosen."

Francois Benard, Eduardo Heras


Thank you for your mail. Indeed, my wife and I returned safely from our trip to and through Southern India. I'd like to say again that the way you organized our trip was perfect. Both drivers were very good, careful and reliable and all the transfers went very smooth. we are very satisfied and will certainly recommend your organisation to people who plan a trip to India.

Ken Friedman


First of all I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and all the best wishes for a pleasant, succesfull and healthy 2014! Sorry I did not send this mail earlier, but I have been pretty busy with my work and family.
Like we said before, the tour was well organized and the driver and the car were also very good. The driver was always on time, was very helpful and knew the better addresses to eat. Most of the guides were ok and gave a lot of explanation in an understandable english.

Ludo Van de Weyer, Machteld Swillen


Dear Mr Sandeep, it was by chance that we met you at the annual holiday fair in Luxembourg 2013, and booking our first trip to India with you was a decision we never regretted. The itinerary guiding us through North India and Nepal was perfect and met all our expectations. We felt at ease from the first minute of arrival till the sad moment of departure. So once again thank you very much for these magic moments. We shall definitely return.

Ivo Di Donato, Dali Nikolic


In the meantime we also mentally arrived again in snow covered Germany - but the pictures from India are still very lively within us. Our flight was delayed for more than two hours because of the dense fog in Delhi, so we missed the connecting flight in Dubai and thus came back home a day later than scheduled. I'd like to thank you again for the excellent organisation of our trip through Northern India. The driver was very reliable and competent, most of the local guides knowledgeable, the hotels appropriate for our wishes. All together it was a very interesting and rich time that you made possible through the way you planned and organized this trip. I wish you success and good luck.

Michael Klessmann


I forgot how different Belgium was from India! It will take some time to get used to my work, the Belgium people, the Belgium food and especially the Belgium weather again. It's very cloudy and windy. I prefer the weather in India even when it's that warm. I will send you soon some pictures.

Martine Vanduffel , Mathieu Vanduffel
Antwerpen Belgium


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A tailor-made programme is an itinerary created just for you, in which we include everything you wish to see and do during your trip.


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